The Amazing Capt. of Wonders (caterinadavinci) wrote in theparselmouths,
The Amazing Capt. of Wonders

Weasley is our King!

One of my favorite wizarding songs invented by who else, the Slytherins, now modified for the use of the Parselmouths! Enjoy! But as this is only a rough (very rough) draft, it is still in line to be edited. I hereby give those editing rights to Kristina! Edit away!

This year our team's the best its been
We've been assured a win
It's Gryffindor against Slytherin
That's why we wear our crown shaped pin

Weasley cannot save a thing
He cannot block a single ring
That's why Slytherins all sing
Weasley is our King

Our brooms are at a faster speed
Our keeper's saving goals
Our gorgeous seeker's in the lead
Your team's as dumb as trolls

Weasley was born in a bin
He always lets the quaffle in
Weasley will make sure we win
Weasly is our King

While Draco Malfoy's hot on steam
Weasly rides an old Moonbeam
His comradship to Gryffindor
Is not as it may seem

Weasley is our king
Weasley is our king
He always lets the quaffle in
Weasley is our king!!!

Edit: By Kristina, 8/4/04
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