Bite Me. (virtuososvision) wrote in theparselmouths,
Bite Me.

CD cover Art?

Alrighty then...
Since I have been asked and volunteered to do the job of making CD Cover Art for the Parselmouths... Coolest Band this side of the Dungens... I would like to know what the FANS would wish to have on the cover. I was thinking Snakes coming out of a guitar...maybe fire... if ya'll want it hardcore... maybe smoke and ivy if you want it Slytherin like. The band wants "Mysterious" looking snakes... but should there be evil ones? So, I'd love to hear from ya'll before I break out the paint and canvas... :D
Comment with Suggestions...Requests...and such. I will try to incorporate everything that I can. (Band Chime in here because I still haven't heard much from ya'll too...)
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