my name is kristina. (darkxfaery) wrote in theparselmouths,
my name is kristina.

Progress on the band is moving right along.

My little brother has officially said that our music "gives him a headache". That means we are doing it right!

So, we have a nice guitar. A nice keyboard. And a nice tambourine. And some other noisemaking tinky things. As you can see, we are a bit instrumentally challenged.

If anyone has something fun that is an instrument of sorts that you would like to donate, we would love you for it. Really.

And don't worry about us not being able to play it. I am learning to play many instruments right now. Primarily keyboard and rhythmic accesories, but I am also playing around with a harmonica when I'm bored. I'm willing to try anything.

And I'm still looking for song ideas.

If we ordered pins, how much would you buy them for? 50 cents? We need finances.


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